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Metalama is a meta-programming framework for C# based on Roslyn, Microsoft's managed compiler platform.


Metalama has the following principal features:

Feature Description
Aspect-Oriented Programming Encapsulate repetitive patterns of code (such as logging, caching, INotifyPropertyChanged, multi-threading) into executable artifacts named aspects that add behaviors to your code at compile time, so that your source code remains clean and succinct — easier to read and maintain.
Code Generation Generate repetitive code, in the editor or at compile time, instead of writing it by hand. With Metalama, you can author your own code actions or refactorings that are available in the lightbulb or screwdriver menu.
Code Validation Verify that hand-written code complies to team rules and conventions. Metalama lets you report diagnostics (e.g. warnings or errors) or suppress source code diagnostics simply.
graph TD Aspects[Aspect &<br>Fabrics] -- report and supress --> Diagnostics Aspects -- suggest --> CodeFixes[Code Fixes &<br>Refactorings] CodeFixes -- transform<br>at design time --> SourceCode[Source Code] Aspects -- transform<br>at compile time --> TransformedCode[Compiled Code]

Documentation structure

Site Description
Metalama Conceptual Documentation Conceptual and procedural documentation
Aspect API Documentation Aspect API reference
Introspection API Documentation Introspection API reference
Advanced API Documentation Advanced API reference

The conceptual documentation is hosted on You can suggest improvements and corrections using the discussions board, and even submit a pull request.


Link Description
Try Metalama Try Metalama from your browser.
Metalama.Samples A dozen of open-source examples in a GitHub repo.


Metalama is currently released under the terms of the Evaluation License of PostSharp.


If you have any feedback regarding Metalama, please open an issue, start a discussion, or contact us directly at