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Class MulticastImplementation

A reusable implementation of the multicasting logic. Each multicast-enabled aspect must contain an instance of the MulticastImplementation class and should call its BuildAspect<T>(IAspectBuilder<T>, Action<IAspectBuilder<T>>) method. to perform multicasting.

Namespace: Metalama.Extensions.Multicast
Assembly: Metalama.Extensions.Multicast.dll
public sealed class MulticastImplementation : Object


Name Description
MulticastImplementation(MulticastTargets, Boolean)

Initializes a new instance of the MulticastImplementation class.


Name Description

Gets the kind of declarations to which the aspect can be applied. This property is set from the class constructor.


Name Description
BuildAspect<T>(IAspectBuilder<T>, Action<IAspectBuilder<T>>)

This method must be called from the BuildAspect(IAspectBuilder<T>) method of the aspect class. It adds the aspect to child declarations that match the IMulticastAttribute properties. If the aspect is applied to a potential concrete target declaration (see ConcreteTargets), it calls an optional delegate that should provide advice to this target.