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Method SelectManyRecursive

SelectManyRecursive<T>(IEnumerable<T>, Func<T, IEnumerable<T>>, Boolean)

Selects the closure of a graph. This is typically used to select all descendants of a tree node. This method returns distinct nodes only.

public static IReadOnlyCollection<T> SelectManyRecursive<T>(this IEnumerable<T> collection, Func<T, IEnumerable<T>> getItems, bool deduplicate = false)
where T : class, ICompilationElement
Type Name Description
IEnumerable<T> collection

The initial collection of items.

Func<T, IEnumerable<T>> getItems

A function that returns the set of all nodes connected to a given node.

Boolean deduplicate

true if duplicates should be removed from the result. When false, duplicates throw in Debug build, and are not checked (causing infinite loops) in Release build.

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