Metalama//API Documentation/Aspect API/Metalama.​Framework.​Diagnostics/Diagnostic­Definition<T>/Diagnostic­Definition
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Constructor DiagnosticDefinition

DiagnosticDefinition(String, Severity, String, String, String)

Initializes a new instance of the DiagnosticDefinition<T> class.

public DiagnosticDefinition(string id, Severity severity, string messageFormat, string title = null, string category = null)
Type Name Description
String id

An unique identifier for the diagnostic (e.g. MY001).

Severity severity

The severity of the diagnostic.

String messageFormat

The formatting string of the diagnostic message.

String title

An optional short title for the diagnostic. If no value is provided for this parameter, messageFormat is used.

String category

An optional category to which this diagnostic belong. The default value is Metalama.User.