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Installing Metalama Tools for Visual Studio

Metalama Tools for Visual Studio is an extension to Visual Studio that helps you write aspects and understand your aspect-oriented code thanks to the following features:

  • syntax highlighting of aspect codes (you will need it if you will be writing aspects later on),
  • CodeLens additions,
  • diffing your source code against the transformed code.

It is highly recommended that you download and install this extension for a better development experience. However, it is important to note that this extension is optional and Metalama will work without it too.


This Metalama Visual Studio Plugin requires Visual Studio 2022

  1. Go to Extensions > Manage Extensions.


  2. Click on Manage Extensions. This will show the prompt like this.


  3. Type "Metalama" in the search box to the right of this prompt as shown below.


  4. Click the Download button to initiate the download.


  5. Once downloaded the extension will be ready to be installed as soon as all instances of visual studio is closed. Note that this is highlighted at the bottom of this screen.


  6. Give consent to install the extension.

    When you close Visual Studio, the installer will start installing the extension.


The installation wizard will work independently and will require your consent at the following stage

  1. Click "Modify" to complete the installation.

    To continue installing the extension, click on the Modify button. Once clicked the wizard will start installing the extension as shown below.


    Finally, when the wizard is installed, it will show the result below.


To check that the installation was successful, go to the Extensions Manager. If the installation had succeeded, you should see the following screenshot with a green tick mark on the top right indicating that the extension has been installed correctly!


Installing Metalama Command-Line Tool

Although you won't probably need it during your first days with Metalama, it's good to know what a Metalama command-line tool exists. For details, see Installing the Metalama Command Line Tool. No worry, we will remind you when you will need it.