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Getting aspects

As promised, this chapter will not cover the art of creating aspects. We'll assume that you already have pre-built aspects you can use in your projects. These aspects can be provided by your colleagues, by our team, or by the community.

Demo aspects

In the examples of this chapter, we'll use the following pre-built aspects:

Aspect Purpose
Log To log calls to a method.
Retry To retry a method several times.
NotifyingPropertyChanged To easily implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface.

You can download the NuGet package with these aspects at TO_Be_Filled_URL.

These aspects, when applied, change the behavior of your source code without modifying it at the source level. They will transform the source code before passing it to the compiler.


Don't worry about their implementation yet, in this chapter we only focus on how to use them.

Metalama ready-made aspects

We plan to port the PostSharp.Patterns aspect suite to Metalama and to open-source them. It will take us a few months. Once it will be done, you will be able to use professionally-built aspects without having to create them yourself.

Community aspects

We also plan to build a list of maintained third-party Metalama aspect libraries.

In the meantime, you can search GitHub.