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Getting aspects

As previously noted, this chapter will not explore the creation of aspects. We will assume that you already have pre-built aspects available for use in your projects. These aspects may have been provided by your colleagues, our team, or the community.

Demo aspects

In the examples provided in this chapter, we will utilize the following pre-built aspects:

Aspect Purpose
Log For logging calls to a method.
Retry For retrying a method multiple times.
NotifyingPropertyChanged For easy implementation of the INotifyPropertyChanged interface.

The NuGet package that contains these aspects is Metalama.Documentation.QuickStart. You can add this package to your projects while following the tutorials in this chapter.

When applied, these aspects change the behavior of your source code without altering the source level. They transform the source code before it is passed to the compiler.


The implementation of these aspects is not the focus of this chapter. Instead, we will focus on how to use them.

Metalama ready-made aspects

We are currently in the process of porting the PostSharp.Patterns aspect suite to Metalama and making it open-source. This process may take several months. You can follow the progress in the Metalama.Patterns repository. Once completed, you will have access to professionally-built aspects without the need to create them yourself.

Community aspects

In addition, you can find open-source aspect libraries built by the community on the Metalama community portal.

You can search GitHub for projects that mention Metalama.