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Deployment and Configuration

This section describes the component parts that make up Metalama, how to install them, and how to configure Metalama before use.

Article Description
Installing Metalama: Quick Start This article gets you started with Metalama.
List of NuGet Packages This article describes the list of NuGet packages that Metalama is made of, and gives their dependency graphs.
Installing Metalama Tools for Visual Studio This article describes and details where you can obtain Metalama Tools for Visual Studio.
Installing Metalama Command Line Tools This article explains how to install Metalama .NET Command Line Tools.
Registering a license This article explains how to register a Metalama license.
Telemetry This article describes what is collected using telemetry and how you can disable it.
Distributing Projects That Use Aspects This article explains how to create a package than can be distributed to your users when you are using Metalama.
MSBuild Configuration Properties and Items This article lists the MSBuild properties recognized by Metalama.