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Migrating from PostSharp

Although there is no pressure from our side to do so, you may want to migrate your projects from PostSharp to Metalama. If you decide to do so, this chapter is here to help.

When we designed Metalama as the successor of PostSharp, we decided to break backward compatibility. After all, PostSharp Framework was designed in 2004-2010, the years of C# 2.0 and .NET 2.0, and we have maintained backward compatibility since then. We could not take advantage of the new .NET stack (C# 11, .NET 6, Roslyn) by staying loyal to our 2010 API. So, we opted for a complete redesign of the concepts and APIs.

However, we appreciate that many customers have tens of thousands to millions of lines of code that use PostSharp. We did not either want to ask these customers to port these large code bases.

So we took the following decisions:

  • Your aspects will need to be completely rewritten.
  • The business code using the aspects should not need any change except some find-and-replace of namespace imports.

We hope this is an acceptable compromise.

In this chapter

Article Description
Migrating your Custom Aspects to Metalama This article gives the master step-by-step procedure to your migration project, and refers to other articles in this chapter.
Benefits of Metalama over PostSharp This article presents the benefits of Metalama over PostSharp.
When to Migrate from PostSharp to Metalama This article takes a step back and explains a few points to consider before migrating your aspects to PostSharp. Make sure to read this article before taking any decision.
Status of the Migration of PostSharp Features to Metalama This article describes the status of PostSharp features in Metalama.
Differences Between Metalama and PostSharp This article explains the major differences between the architectures of PostSharp and Metalama from a theoretical angle.
Migrating PostSharp Attribute Multicasting to Metalama This article explains how to migrate PostSharp attribute multicasting to Metalama.
Migrating PostSharp Configuration to Metalama This article explains how to migrate PostSharp configuration files like postsharp.config to Metalama.