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Creating a process dump

If you report a Metalama bug, when logs are not enough to understand the issue, our team may ask you to send a process dump of the compiler or IDE process.


Process dumps may contain a copy of your source code. Although we will handle process dumps as confidential material, your company may not allow you to send us a process dump.

If you are using Metalama on build server, the process of enabling process dumps is described in Troubleshooting an unattended build.

Step 1. Install metalama-config

Install metalama-config as described in Installing Metalama Command Line Tools.

Step 2. Edit diagnostics.json

Execute the command:

            metalama-config diag edit


This should open a diagnostics.json file in your default editor.

In the miniDump/processes section, set to true the processes for which logging should be enabled:

  • Compiler: the compile-time process.
  • Rider: the design-time Roslyn process running under Rider.
  • DevEnv: the UI process of Visual Studio (note that there is no aspect code running in this process).
  • RoslynCodeAnalysisService: the design-time Roslyn process running under Visual Studio (this is where the aspect code runs).

In the next example, Metalama is configured to capture a process dump for the compiler process.

 "miniDump": {
    "processes": {
      "Other": false,
      "Compiler": true,
      "DevEnv": false,
      "RoslynCodeAnalysisService": false,
      "Rider": false,
      "BackstageWorker": false,
      "MetalamaConfig": false,
      "TestHost": false
    "flags": [
    "ExceptionTypes": [


Step 3. Execute Metalama

Restart the logged processes:

  • If you are logging the Compiler process, restart the Roslyn compiler processes.
  • If you are logging any design-time process, restart the IDE.

Execute the sequence of actions to be logged.


Do not forget to disable the setting after you are done.

Step 4. Upload the process dump to an online drive

You will find the process dumps under the %TEMP%\Metalama\CrashReports directory, with extension *.dmp.gz. Upload this file to an online drive service like OneDrive.

Step 5. Send us the URL through a private channel

NEVER share the process dump URL publicly on a service like GitHub Issues.

Instead, send us the hyperlink by email.