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Troubleshooting an unattended build

This article describes steps to enable logging and process dumps in an unattended build on a build server without having to install metalama-config tool.

Step 1. Create the diagnostics.json on your local machine

You can follow the other articles of this chapter to learn how to create a diagnostics.json file for different scenarios.

Example: enabling logging

In the next example you can find entire resulting diagnostics.json file after finishing editing it.

  • Logging is enabled for the compiler process and for all categories.
  • Metalama is configured to capture a process dump for the compiler process.
    "logging": {
        "processes": {
        "Compiler": true,
    "categories": {
        "*": true


Step 2. Copy diagnostics.json to the METALAMA_DIAGNOSTICS environment variable

In your build or pipeline configuration, create an environment variable named METALAMA_DIAGNOSTICS and set its value to the content of the diagnostics.json file.


Using diagnostics set by environment variable always overrides local diagnostics settings used by metalama-config tool.

Step 3. Run the build on build server

Metalama will automatically read the diagnostics configuration from an environment variable. The build will produce diagnostics based on the specified configuration set in the environment variable.

You will find the logs under the %TEMP%\Metalama\Logs directory.