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Metalama Conceptual Documentation

Chapter Description
Getting Started with Metalama This chapter puts you on the fast track to learn the most common usage scenarios of Metalama.
Requirements This article describes the requirements of Metalama on the development environment and its compatibility with project types and platforms.
Deployment and Configuration This chapter describes the components that make Metalama, how to install them, and how to configure Metalama before use.
Fundamental Concepts This chapter explains the fundamental concepts of Metalama.
Creating Aspects This chapter explains how to create your own aspects. You can skip this section if only plan to use aspects.
Using Aspects This chapter explains how to use existing aspects in your projects.
Fabrics This section describes fabrics, a mechanism that allows to add aspects in bulk, validate your code, or configure aspect libraries.
Validating Code This section explains how to programmatically validate code with our without aspects.
Interacting with the IDE This chapter describes the interactive development features of Metalama.
Extending Metalama with the Roslyn API This chapter describes how to extend Metalama with the Roslyn API.