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Getting Started with Metalama

  1. Install Metalama. Add the Metalama.Framework package to your project. We also recommend that you install Metalama Tools for Visual Studio.

    See Installing Metalama: Quick Start for details.

  2. Start removing boilerplate. Create your first aspect that overrides a method and adds a new feature like logging or retrying.

    See Overriding Methods for details.

  3. Validate your source code. Report errors and warnings to the IDE or to the build when the source code is off the line.

    See Validating Code for details.

  4. Suggesting code fixes. Suggest code fixes from your warnings, or suggest refactorings.

    See Building IDE Interactions for details.

  5. Adding aspects in bulk with fabrics. Instead of adding aspects one by one using custom attributes, do it programmatically.

    See Adding Aspects in Bulk from a Fabric for details.