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Aspect API documentation

You will use these namespaces while writing your own aspects or fabrics.

Namespace Description
Metalama.Framework.Aspects This is the main namespace for creating your own aspects.
Metalama.Framework.Code This namespace contains the object representation of source code: interfaces that represent types, methods, fields, ...
Metalama.Framework.CodeFixes This namespace allows your aspects to suggest code fixes, accessible at design time from the IDE.
Metalama.Framework.Diagnostics This namespace allows your aspects to report or suppress errors, warnings or information.
Metalama.Framework.Eligibility This namespace allows your aspects to declare to which declarations they can be validly applied.
Metalama.Framework.Fabrics This namespace provides the ability to add aspects or validators to whole projects and namespaces, and allows you to configure aspects.
Metalama.Framework.Metrics This namespace allows you to read predefined code metric, and to implement your own metrics. Metrics are useful in validators and LinqPad queries.
Metalama.Framework.Project This namespace exposes the object model of the project being processed, as well as the service provider.
Metalama.Framework.RunTime This namespace contains the classes that are used at run time. All other namespaces are used at compilation time only.
Metalama.Framework.Validation This namespace allows you to build aspects that can validate user code against your own rules. You can validate both the target of the aspect and references to that target.