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Namespace Metalama.Framework.Metrics

This namespace allows you to consume and implement metrics.

To consume a metric, start from a declaration, call the extension method MetricsExtensions.Metric, then call Get.

Class Diagram

classDiagram class IMeasurable { } class IDeclaration { } class IMetric~TMeasurable~ { } class YourCustomMetric { } class YourCustomMetricProvider { <<sdk>> } class IMetricProvider~TMetric~ { GetMetric(IMeasurable) } class Metrics~TMeasurable~ { Get() } class MetricsExtensions { <<extension class>> Metrics()$ } MetricsExtensions --> IMeasurable : extension methods MetricsExtensions --> Metrics : exposes Metrics --> IMetric~TMeasurable~ : exposes IDeclaration --|> IMeasurable : implements YourCustomMetric --<| IMetric~TMeasurable~ : implements YourCustomMetricProvider --<| IMetricProvider~TMetric~ : implements YourCustomMetricProvider --> YourCustomMetric : computes IMetricProvider~TMetric~ --> IMetric~TMeasurable~ : computes IMetric~TMeasurable~ --> IMeasurable : applies to

Namespace members



Exposes a Get<TExtension>() method, which computes and returns a metric for an eligible object.


Exposes metrics to eligible objects.



Base interface for objects that can be extended with metrics.


A weakly-typed base interface for IMetric<T>. Never implement directly. Always implement IMetric<T>.


Base interface for all metrics. This interface exists only for strong typing. It does not have any members.


Implements the computation or reading of a metric.