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Execution order of fabrics

Fabrics are executed in the following order:

  1. Project fabrics. Project fabrics are ordered by the following criteria:

    1. Distance of the source file from the root directory: fabrics closer to the root directory are processed first.
    2. Fabric namespace.
    3. Fabric type name.
  2. Transitive project fabrics are ordered based on the following criteria:

    1. Depth in the dependency graph: dependencies with lower depth (i.e. "nearer" to the main project) are processed first.
    2. Assembly name (alphabetical order).

      Transitive dependencies are intentionally executed after compilation dependencies, so compilation dependencies have a chance to configure transitive dependencies before they run.

  3. At this point, the project configuration is frozen (by calling MakeReadOnly() on all configuration objects). Therefore, the execution order of the following fabrics should not matter.

  4. Namespace fabrics.

  5. Type fabrics. Note that type fabrics can provide advice. This advice is executed before any aspect.

  6. Aspects. For the execution order of explicitly ordered and unordered aspects, see Ordering aspects.